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Tired of your tomato soup and your grilled cheese lunch?

There’s a whole new way – well, in fact, an old way – to use canned tomato soup, and it’s rich in flavor. and the story.

Campbell’s first published a recipe for spice cake tomato soup in the New York Times in 1949, but the dish later became the first recipe to be distributed on a Campbell’s box, appearing on labels in 1960.

Courtesy of Campbell

The recipe is simple: combine a can of spice cake mix with a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, eggs and water and bake at 350 F for 25 minutes. Frost with homemade or canned cream cheese frosting and your tomato soup cake is ready to serve.

Intrigued by this retro recipe, I tried Campbell’s cake in my own kitchen. Canned spice cake mix was hard to find in stores, so I followed Campbell’s suggestion to take a box of yellow cake mix and add a tablespoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon. coffee ground nutmeg and 1/4 teaspoon allspice.

Along with a can of spice cake mix and a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, water and eggs are mixed into the cake batter.Terri peters

When combined in my mixing bowl, the mixture smelled exactly like the boxed spice cake mixes I have used in the past.

Throwing a can of tomato soup into such a fragrant mixture seemed odd to me, and there was no way to hide the fact that there was soup in the batter: my whole kitchen smelled like I was heating up food. tomato soup on my stove.

The dough immediately took on a tomato soup smell when mixed.Terri peters

When I separated the dough into two round molds and loaded them into my oven, I was still a little nervous: every time I opened the oven to check the cakes, the strong smell of tomato soup came on. escaped.

However, when I removed the cakes from the oven and left them to cool on the counter, the tomato smell was gone. All that was left was the fragrant aroma of the spice cake.

The cake, which I glazed with store-bought cream cheese frosting as per the recipe, was perfectly spicy, with all the flavors I would expect from a spice cake, but a level of flavor and flavor. increased humidity with the addition of the soup.

Even my kid who is not a fan of tomato soup loved this tasty spice cake.Terri peters

Campbell’s told TODAY Food the recipe has maintained its popularity for the 70 years since its inception. Indeed, on the Campbell’s Kitchen site, the original recipe and its variations receive an average of nearly 65,000 views each year.

Campbell’s even modernized the vintage recipe a bit, offering an updated cupcake recipe (which can also be used to make spicy waffles) on their website.

Tomato and spice soup cupcakes

Courtesy of Campbell

While my kids were reluctant to taste a tomato soup cake, they finally came and tried it.

My daughter was a huge fan and went on to say that she would never try to ask for a second installment. And my son, who is notoriously picky and not a fan of tomato soup, enjoyed the cake, saying he couldn’t taste the soup at all.

Apparently, whether it’s served in a bowl or baked in a cake, there’s nothing a can of soup can’t do.


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