Three Easy Recipes That Will Make You Fall For Christmas Leftovers


Turkey is the thing that people get tired of. It’s not that the meat is tasteless, it’s that the ideas of what to do with it are thin on the floor. You can’t just reheat it – it tastes awful, just like reheated chicken – but you can reheat it in a sauce. This is why, for years, we have resorted to “turkey fricassee”, reheating it in a white sherry sauce.

Americans have turkey tetrazzini, an easy dish to sneer at, but who doesn’t want the deep comfort of pasta baked in the oven with cheese sauce, turkey nuggets and crispy breadcrumbs?

And here there is the Moroccan spice pie, for which we heat the turkey in a little broth enriched with almond powder. It’s a piece of cooking that we can be proud of. You took this bird and made a whole different dish out of it.

With a little orange juice and a few tablespoons of marmalade, you can turn cranberry sauce into a sweet topping for ice cream or French toast. The panettone can be toasted and spread with brandy or rum butter or made into a Christmas bread and butter pudding with drips of cranberry sauce layered between the layers (the contrast between acidity and sweetness is overwhelming) .

If you have any Christmas pudding left over, heat it in a pan with a little Marsala until heated through and eat it with cream, or crumble it before heating and you have another ice cream mate.

It pays to be the master or mistress of the house, and therefore of the kitchen, to keep an eye on how quickly stocks are running out. When someone leaves the movie you are watching under the guise of “getting some fresh air”, you can be sure that they are not stretching their legs but have their nose firmly in the fridge.

Before you know it, leftovers for lunch the next day are no longer available. You were warned.


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