The best mini cooking egg recipes


Daffodils. Rabbits. Sugar migraines. Easter has started again and your Instagram feed is about to be inundated with photos of flowers and chocolate treats. And what could be more synonymous with Easter than the Mini Cadbury Egg? Traditionally laid unceremoniously on chocolate cornflake cakes by children and now snapped up by these grown children for the time it takes to walk home from the corner store. We love them so much that £ 30million is spent each year on mini eggs. This is enough to pick up a 10 bedroom house in Kensington, Besides.

These chocolate-coated love bombs (what, don’t you call them that?) Have been around since the late ’60s, so chances are you grew up with them. And there’s a reason they’re so popular: bite into the crunchy, springtime, pastel-colored coating gives way to heartwarming, nostalgic milk chocolate.

Now I know what you are thinking … Mini eggs? For spring? Innovative. But don’t worry, in this list you won’t find a cornflake cake preview. Although there are a few traditional takes below – cookies, cakes, etc. – you will also find recipes for ice cream, hot rolls, cocktails, etc. Enjoy!

Mini Egg Blondies

A brownie, but blond. By removing the cocoa powder from traditional brownies, you end up with chewy, caramel-flavored baked goods that work perfectly with the addition of mini eggs. Believe me. This easy-to-follow BBC recipe for Easter Egg Blondies makes some serious Easter treats.

Mini Egg Cake

This mini egg cake recipe by Martha Collison (from Great british pastry shop glory) because Waitrose is as far as it gets from the cornflake cakes. Follow the recipe carefully and you will have a light and fluffy sponge cake coated in a rich buttercream frosting and decorated with – you guessed it! – mini eggs. Far from looking like gouache, the delicate pastel hues make this cake an impressive centerpiece.

Miniature Egg Ice Cream

This Mini Churned Egg Ice Cream Recipe by The Baking Explorer is so easy you’ll think it’s too good to be true. Or, you’ll find you don’t have to fork out for tiny jars of ice cream when you can make a whole tub for less! You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker either, just an electric whisk. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix and freeze. And There you go!

Mini Egg Cookies

That wouldn’t be a cookie-less treat recipe list, right? This recipe for Easter Egg Cookies BBC Cookies combine chunks of milk and dark chocolate with mini crushed eggs to deliver indulgent Moorish results. If you prefer your cookies to be softer than crispy, take them out of the oven a few minutes before the suggested baking time.

Mini meringue eggs

Before being afraid, meringues are not impossible and are Is it worth it. This chocolate Tescos meringue nest recipe makes the perfect pudding for your Easter meal – a sweet and crispy chocolate meringue topped with these delicious mini eggs. And if you’re wondering what to do with all those leftover egg yolks, I have a word for you: custard.

Mini Egg Martini

You read correctly. This BBC recipe combines crème de cacao, Baileys and vodka to create the perfect cocktail for a chocolate addict. The trick is to brush the edges of your glasses with honey and sprinkle with mini crushed eggs. Zoom cocktails for Good Friday, do you like it?

Hot cross buns with eggs

These baked goods are the kid in love with hot buns and mini eggs. And they are really, really good. By removing the spices, they become softer, comforting buns filled with little pockets of chocolate. Significantly, this recipe from GoodtoDonate involves kneading, so this also counts as a workout.


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