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Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or making favorite breakfast and brunch favorites, these pan-fried recipes make great baking.

Classic cornbread

Baking in cast iron is part of the secret to cornbread, explains Matthew Evans. And anyone who’s enjoyed a slice of hot cornbread from the oven will know what he means when he says this simple, quick pan-fried bread is best served hot and eaten hot.

Sticky chocolate buns

These buns are made from a chocolate dough, filled with butter, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chips. Then to finish them off, they’re topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting – stack on hot buns if you like the icing to melt in the buns! “This bun is super chocolatey. It’s gooey and gooey and the outside is nice and crunchy. Take a look at all that frosting that is dripping and seeping into the buns. It’s hard to beat,” says Vanessa. Gianfrancesco, when she makes a casserole of these rich buns in Let’s go brunch.

Ethiopian flatbread (himbasha)

This traditional yeast flatbread, streaked in a decorative wheel pattern, has a unique sweet-salty flavor, the sweetness being balanced by the heady cardamom.

Sausage cornbread for breakfast

Another brunch recipe from Vanessa Gianfrancesco: breakfast sausages with fluffy cornbread, all in a skillet. “Nothing says southern comfort foods like cornbread. And you can serve it for lunch or dinner or even for brunch, especially when you bake sausage there for breakfast,” says. she. The secret to good cornbread, she says, is to let the mixture sit a bit while mixing, so the cornmeal absorbs the buttermilk. This recipe adds cooked sausage directly inside the cornbread. “When you cut the cornbread, everyone is going to have a very generous serving of sausage… And I love that. It’s a one-pot wonder. You can bring it straight to the table and eat it from the pot. stove.”

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Skookie

When a giant American chocolate chip cookie meets a pan, you have a “skookie”!

Umbrian flatbreads (torta al testo)

These easy flatbreads, which include a bit of grated pecorino, bake in a skillet, then stuffed with sausage, radicchio, fontina and parsley.

And many other pancakes too

So many flatbreads and breads from all over the world are baked in the pan, in the pan or in the pan. Dive into our collection of flatbread recipes to learn more, from buttery Malawach to spicy Pakistani flatbreads.

Blueberry scones with lemon glaze

“Skillet scones are a camping version of Irish soda farls, the traditional quick-baking breads made on a hotplate. They’re crisp and dry on the outside but chewy and dense in the center, and are delicious with a layer of jam or butter served with coffee or tea, ”says Linda Ly of these campfire favorites. (The recipe also has a variation for savory scones.)

Poblano, bacon and pan-fried cornbread

“It’s one of those things that you can prepare and eat right out of the oven, lukewarm, but on cooling it’s delicious and the next day for breakfast, even cold, it’s also delicious” , explains Pati Jinich, about this. Tex-Mex cornbread she shared in Pati’s Mexican table.

Pan pizza

No oven? No problem. Homemade pizza can still be eaten in the pan, on the stovetop, or using a camping stove.

Grilled Raisin and Ricotta Farinata

This simple Italian pancake bread is made from chickpea flour (gram), water and oil. Cooked in a pan, it is crispy on the outside with a warm and soft center. Serve it plain with any meal, or garnish it with grilled grapes and ricotta for a starter.

Neapolitan pizza pan

While it’s hard to imitate a real Neapolitan pizza, baking your pizza in a very hot cast iron skillet will give a nice golden base and crust, says Silvia Colloca of this take on the Italian classic.

Upside-down peach pie

This sweet pie is perfect in the summer when the peaches are ripe and delicious. With so few ingredients in this dessert, it’s important that you use the best quality peaches and pastries you can find, explains Gabriel Gaté.

Banana tart tatin, rum & raisin ice cream

The grand marriage of the banana and the caramel star in this pan pie by Philip Johnson. Here, the classic French inverted pie is simplified with store-bought puff pastry.



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