Lockdown Cooking: Seven Must-Have Accounts for Recipe Inspiration


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Stuck on Lockdown Recipe Inspiration? Here are some of the best Kiwi Instagram accounts to follow. Photo / @cloudykitchen via Instagram

The New Zealand lockdown may have hit your stomach first. No trips to local cafes and no take out.

Social media accounts are filled with the perfect content to satisfy your culinary desires, and we’ve rounded up seven of our favorites from Kiwi designers.

Our choices will make you want to dust off the apron and get creative in the kitchen, or at the very least provide content to brighten up your daily scroll.

Here are seven accounts to follow to inspire you with baking during this lockdown.

Cloudy Kitchen

With dreamy recipes and irresistible treats, Erin Clarkson’s page will make you want to spend your free time trying out his offerings – and his genius cooking tips. Have you ever heard of a “scoot cookie”? It might just improve your cookie baking game.

The New Zealander who recently returned to Aotearoa from New York City is an expert at creating proven recipes that taste as good as they look.

Check out her Pink Iced Buns recipe for the perfect Kiwi bakery nostalgic trip.

Cookoo candies

If your favorite treat as a kid was Arnotts Frozen Animal Cookies, this Instagram account will spark cookie inspiration you didn’t know you needed.

Some of the most satisfying content on social media is the time-lapse videos of its frozen cookies.


The NZH Lifestyle Team has already sung our praises for this designer’s Sweet Pepper, Ham and Cream Cheese Rolls. And the rest of her Instagram page provides a plethora of delicious pastry finds.

Her no-bake white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake looks like a must-have.


He has nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok, but if you’re not quite ready to dive into Gen Z’s favorite app, his Instagram is just as impressive.

His “lockdown must try” is an Oreo cheesecake, a dessert that will delight anyone in your confinement bubble.

Two sisters

Rosa and Margo have made careers in creating herbal recipes for their loyal audience, and a scroll on their Instagram page offers endless options for locking baking.

Their special lockdown treat is a chocolate fudge pudding recipe, a perfect treat for anyone with dietary needs.


Sometimes nothing other than the classics will do, and in that case, be sure to follow @justamumnz.

Its simple Kiwi staples will be welcome additions during lockdown.

We’re going to race to try his slice of marshmallow fudge next.


For the foodie, look no further than hitch.cooks for your next culinary adventure.

The Vegetable and Three Cheese Quiche looks amazing and is great for making sure we have enough veg while on lockdown.

Just scroll down on whatever appeals to you for an easy-to-follow recipe and great visuals of the ingredients required.


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