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Travel with your taste buds

Do you have fond memories of a vacation or are you planning your next big adventure? Pick up a cookbook (libraries often have good cookery sections if you don’t want to buy one) or go online to find this region’s food favorites. Always wanted to visit India? For example, Indian cuisine isn’t all about chicken korma: try bhel puri, classic Indian street food, or mix Indian spices with roasted vegetables. Do you remember your honeymoon in Sicily? Try this Sicilian Relish Roast Lamb recipe.

Visit our kitchen section for recipes from around the world including Italy, the Middle East, Mexico, France, India, Asia, Spain and more.

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Choose a featured ingredient

Do you like something but always do the same with it? Find out how you can prepare it differently – you might be surprised at its versatility. Whether it’s turning your favorite salmon into a quiche or using chicken breasts with Japanese-style frosting, you’re bound to find something you like.

Sometimes the star ingredient isn’t even as immediately obvious as chicken or salmon – the humble sides of vegetables can be transformed by cooking them in a different way. Why boil cauliflower when you can roast it and get so much flavor out of it?

Have you delivered

It might sound like cheating, but when you’re leading a busy life, a delivery service can really take the strain off you. We’re not talking about Chinese take-out here (well, okay, sometimes that’s good too!), We’re talking about kitchen kits delivered directly to your home.

There are a lot of services out there right now, so pick the one that’s right for you and sign up for their trial offer. These services may vary. Some, like Gousto, will come with all the ingredients you need in the quantities you need – it’s great for trying unusual flavors without having a huge bottle or jar of something exotic to use, and it there is no risk of being halfway. a recipe to find out that you forgot to pick up a certain key ingredient.

Other services, such as SimplyCook, will come with a range of delicious ingredients such as spice blends, baking pastes and sauces with recipe cards. quality feast in your own home without even having to think much about it. This might suit someone who tends to stray from written recipes and swap ingredients for something else.

Save money on trial offers

If you do decide to try a recipe delivery service, be sure to research any available trial offers. Saga Magazine has partnered with Gousto to give Saga readers a chance to try their service at a reduced rate.

Order a Gousto Lunch Box and get enough ingredients for three fantastic meals of your choice for two for just £ 9.99 – that’s a saving of £ 25.

Ask around you

Have you had something delicious at a friend’s house? Ask for the recipe – there’s a good chance they’ll be flattered that you liked it so much and will be happy to provide it to you. Head over to social media and ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers for their favorite recipes and you might come up with some proven meal ideas.

Ask your butcher or fishmonger for ideas for serving certain cuts of meat or fish, or if they have any recommendations for something new to try – you might be surprised at how keen people are to share. their advice.

Go online for recipe inspiration

The internet is full of great cooking ideas – so much so that it can be a bit overwhelming! It’s easy to find something on Google when you know exactly what you want, but what if you just want to browse?

The key is to find revenue sources you like and follow them through newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Saga offers many recipes in our food section and you can subscribe to our Home & Garden newsletter or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with them. The food and drink section of Pinterest can also be a great source of inspiration – but be aware that most of the recipes featured are international, so measurements and ingredients may need to be converted.

Your favorite TV chefs are probably also active on social media, so find and follow them to always be kept up to date with their latest recipes.

Limit your options

It may sound like conflicting advice, but sometimes a few limitations can force us to be creative. Tired of the same bowl of spag or the same meat and two veg every day? Why not try limiting your diet – for example, try Meatless Monday and try cooking vegetarian or vegan options, or have a day where you only eat raw food. You might find yourself cooking something that you wouldn’t normally think of and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite? If you really want a challenge, you can sign up for the 30 Day Vegan Pledge.

Try These Ten Easy Vegan Meals To Get You Started

To mix together

It’s a familiar story – you love spicy food, he hates it. He loves garlic, you can’t stand it. When we live together we often end up making compromises, but there are ways to let both of you eat the foods you love.

Many dishes keep very well in the fridge – and some even taste better once the flavors have had time to develop, so you can make two different curries, for example, and each have your own and keep the rest. in the refrigerator for a while. a few days later. It may be double the amount of cooking on day one, but at least you’ll have a home cooked meal the next time you have it.

Or you can go for a tapas or meze style and make several small but simple dishes, some of which include the ingredients you love and your other half hates – invite friends over and have them bring a few small dishes of theirs and you. . have the makings of a great fun dinner.

Steady Cook-it loan

Inventive chefs can give Ready to cookstyle challenge. Just gather a selection of ingredients (go down the liquidation section or pick seasonal veggies, for example) and set yourself a time limit. Try to avoid cooking something you’ve done before and cook something new and different instead. You can even make it a competitive game with your partner if you each choose the ingredients from the other days alternately.

When you’re inventive in the kitchen, don’t forget to record your successes (and failures!) For future reference. A notebook and a pen at hand are essential.

Go to cooking school

Finally, if all else fails and you feel like you’ve reached the end of your culinary journey, it might be time to go back to school. Cooking schools are ideal for accomplished home chefs who want to take things a step further and learn new skills from professional chefs.

Prices and duration may vary – everything from an evening course in chocolate making to a full-time course to start a new career is available, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs.

Check out some of the food and drink courses available

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