Home remedies: 5 easy recipes to fight seasonal flu


The coming of October signifies the change of weather. One day it will be so cold that you would like to shower in hot water, the other will be so hot that you will be sweating through your tank top. The fluctuating temperature and sudden burst of rains may seem picturesque and beautiful, but it also means the breeding of different types of diseases. It is important to stay safe and healthy during this time, because even a small drop in our immunity can put us at risk of catching the flu. Seasonal flu always occurs around October and April, when the temperature indicates the slowly changing seasons. You may have a fever, have a headache, catch a cold, or have a cough. We’ve got some easy ways that can help you beat the seasonal flu!

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Here are 5 home remedies that can help with seasonal flu:

1.Besan Ka Sheera

Besan Ka Sheera is an Ayurvedic recipe from Punjab made with besan, ghee, milk, turmeric and black pepper. It is a soothing hot drink for the throat and nose. Dr Balwant Mardia from 2S Wellness Center in Jodhpur said that “ginger, kali mirchi, turmeric and other ingredients can help strengthen our body and increase immunity.”

You need basic ingredients for these cough drops.

2. Homemade cough drop

This homemade cough lozenge is made with the benefits of ginger, honey and lemon. These three ingredients are known for their health benefits. Honey has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal Pediatrics, honey helps treat persistent cough.

3. Haldi Doodh / turmeric milk

Turmeric is world famous for boosting immunity, as are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agents for boosting our immunity. Dr BN Sinha, an Ayurvedic expert, suggests drinking a glass of milk with turmeric twice a day.


Kadha has Ayurvedic herbs.


We have all been forced to drink kadha by our mothers and grandmothers whenever we get sick, there is a reason behind it! The ingredients used in kadha like tulsi and haldi are known for their immune properties. Consulting nutritionist Rupali Dutta suggests using tulsi as a home remedy when you are feeling sick.

5.Carrot soup

Carrots are known to improve our vision, but that’s not all. Carrots help produce vitamin A, vitamin A helps protect against infections and lowers the risk of respiratory disease. The warmth provided by a bowl of hot soup comforts the body. Therefore, carrot soup can help the body fight the flu.

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If you have any different home remedies that you are following at home, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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