Easy recipes to make at home with 5 ingredients or less


Under lockdown, we truly live the “less is more” life. And that’s why we can’t stop watching these easy recipe videos to prep and be ready for our weeks of self-isolation. – and to be honest, you should do the same if you too are a food geek.

Still, if what you’re looking for is a simple recipe with five ingredients or less to whip up delicious meals at home, these dishes we found online will be great.ive your quarantine or WFH some pops of excitement. Click through to see what recipe your heart — and your belly — desires and maybe a quick run to the supermarket to stock up on everything you need for that delicious lockdown.


If you’re like Winnie the Pooh – always looking forward to bbreakfast – these recipes will make breakfast a breeze even with limited ingredients on hand. Achieve perfect fluffy perfection for your omelet and pancakes or recreate your own banana muffins at home to make your stay more soothing and satisfying.

Lunch dinner

A hearty meal does not always require an avalanche of ingredients. If you’re looking for a restaurant dining vibe, these 5-ingredient dinner recipes are simple yet extremely satisfying.

For even simpler recipes, these meals call for even fewer ingredients. The juicy teriyaki chicken here is to die for, and the chilli-glazed baked salmon boasts a fork-tender texture with maximum flavor thanks to the sweet-spicy glaze.


Calling all vegans: Social distancing at home doesn’t mean you just have to munch on bean bags or piles of kale and cabbage. Refresh your plant-based eating game with these easy 5-ingredient vegan meals. Be warned, the tomato-speckled pasta will have you craving spaghetti almost immediately after watching.


A meal is not complete without dessert. And if you’re a sweet tooth but don’t have much patience, try the chocolate ice cream pie or the cookie and cream truffles. Peanut butter s’mores dip is also a perfect choice for movie night.

For even simpler and easier recipes, these two-ingredient desserts should be your go-to. All you need to stock up is really the magic cake mix. It’s a real life essential that will come to your rescue when you crave sweets.


That late-night craving: any foodie knows it’s inevitable. These healthy snack recipes, however, will enrich your midnight snacking session and turn it into a more enjoyable thing to do than give you that feeling of guilty pleasure.

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