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It’s football finals weekend, and no matter who you cheer on, it’s always best to do it with one hand in the air and the other holding a nice snack – right?

We may be supporting different teams, but we can certainly agree on the food for football.

Watch the clip above for what today’s host Karl Stefanovic dreams of in foot food and great foot snack ideas, or scroll down to find the best ones. recipes to kick things off.

A French Fries Board is a Great Idea (Provided)


It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a few favorites, especially if you wanted to watch the game live but are still stuck at home. This way you can create an atmosphere.

  • Meat pies (large or mini) are always a good choice. You want a pie that can be picked up in one hand, has a good sauce, and can hold a little sauce.
  • Hot dogs are another great option. We recommend a hot dog station, where you have the burgers and sausages handy, then let people stack the extras on top. Try some chili for a chili dog, some extra cheese, all the sauces, and maybe some onion.

Small bites

Anything that can be held in one hand or picked up in a quick bite. Mini sausage rolls, quiches, sliders, whatever you want – if it’s small, go for it. Just make sure it’s not something that’s going to crumble and can be eaten in a bite or two.


Hot chips are absolutely necessary. Everyone loves them and you can make them as fancy or as simple as you want. Go crazy and make fries loaded with everything from sauce to guac and melted cheese.

The best football food is loaded fries
The best football food is the loaded fries (provided)

Stick food

If it’s on a stick, it’s easy to eat. Chicken satay skewers and haloumi skewers are an example.

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