Danielle Walker talks about her new cookbook, easy recipes and more


First, congratulations on the upcoming release of your new cookbook, “Healthy in a Hurry.” Could you give me an overview of what the book contains?

This is my fifth cookbook, sixth book. I wrote a memoir last year. When I released my last, “Eat What You Love,” almost four years ago, what people kept asking was easier meals. They want to eat healthy but don’t always find themselves in time. I think [that’s true] even more so coming out of the last years that we have all lived, with the impression of wanting to take care of our body, but we do not always have time to sit in the kitchen for hours.

That’s where the concept of the book came from…I published one called “Meals Made Simple” in 2014. I kinda joke that this one was very simple, but at the time, I was running a part-time affair with a child when I wrote this. Now I run a full-time business with three kids, so I feel like “Healthy in a Hurry” is even easier than “Meals Made Simple,” because I now understand what it’s like to need to be in the kitchen less.

You mentioned that this is your fifth cookbook to date. How do you keep inspiration for new recipes?

It’s endless. When you can’t eat certain ingredients – grains, dairy, legumes, processed and refined foods – the inspiration is endless because there’s always something you want or crave, or when you go out to dinner, there’s there’s something on the menu that looks amazing that you can’t have. Really, for all of my cookbooks and blog recipes, the biggest driver is the requests from my readers and my audience. They are the ones who change their diet in real time for health reasons, or they have a child who has some kind of health problem that they are looking to change the way they eat. Or it’s a mother who says, “I care about the health of my children and I want to serve them meals that are a little healthier than what I ate growing up.”

They are always missing something. I get constant requests of “I used to eat this, and I don’t feel like I can have any more”. I have this long list in my brain of all the things I eventually want to recreate or things my kids ask for that they might see friends eating. The inspiration is endless.


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