Coles adds a new twist to a popular recipe with new Honey BBQ Hot Roast Chickens


Coles’ much-loved staple – hot roast chicken has gotten sweeter, with the supermarket introducing a special edition of RSPCA-approved Coles BBQ Honey Hot Roast Chicken to its deli case, giving customers a surefire way to inject more flavor into their meals.

Following the success of Mexican-flavored BBQ Hot Roast Chicken that hit shelves in 2020, Coles has developed an all-new sweet, smoky, and succulent take on everyone’s favorite hot roast chicken.

Perfect for sandwiches, salads, or as a centerpiece on its own, BBQ Hot Roast Chickens are Coles’ third best-selling item behind bananas and strawberries, with Coles finding a new way to innovate on a product customers love. so much. Coles’ data shows that honey-based flavor combinations are also the most popular seasonings and are over 13% popular over other flavors like satay.

Already entrenched in poultry in the meat department, customer-favorite honey and soy chicken skewers inspired the creation of a unique flavor profile that also works well in hot roast chickens.

Marinated in honey, garlic and liquid smoke for a balanced and delicious kick of flavour, Coles Honey BBQ RSPCA Approved Hot Roast Chicken also includes a mouth-watering, paprika-flavored breadcrumbs stuffing with garlic, honey and herbs.

Made in Australia and RSPCA approved, Coles Honey BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Chicken comes in a recyclable carrier bag, which can be returned to the store after use. Responding to the growing demand for convenience at home, Coles Honey BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Chicken joins Coles Classic Homestyle Hot Beef Brisket with no added hormones, hot and ready to eat shredded or sliced, and Coles Classic Homestyle Hot Roast Lamb , both recently added. to the range of meats to take away in the charcuterie section.

Coles seafood and deli product developer Tim Hickox said Coles is delighted to be giving customers a fresh take on a product they love.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate our existing product line and provide our customers with exciting new meal ideas. We think customers will love our brand new RSPCA approved Coles Honey BBQ Honey Roast Chicken, the perfect weeknight meal base to take on the go and add to their favorite recipes such as tacos with charred corn salsa and chipotle mayo. , or sliders with coleslaw. and ranch dressing,” Tim said.

“Following the success of the Mexican Flavored Hot Roast Chickens, we discovered that our customers were looking for original and flavorful alternatives to a standard roast chicken, and we are thrilled to offer them the new flavor combination of Smoked Honey to make the even more enjoyable dinner time. softer.

The all-new special edition Coles Honey BBQ Hot Roast RSPCA Approved Chicken from the Deli is now available at select Coles stores nationwide (excluding Northern Territory) for $12 each. Deli’s Coles Classic Homestyle Hot Roast Lamb and No Added Hormones Hot Beef Brisket are available at select stores in VIC and NSW for $21.50 and $17 each respectively.


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