Best Sides for Meatloaf – Easy Meatloaf Pairing Recipes


When it comes to comfort food, there’s not much that beats meatloaf. It’s salty, maybe a little sweet (if you’re into the ketchup camp), and perfect for improvisation. It’s also great for turning into a full meal that’s easy enough for a weeknight, but special enough for holidays or entertaining. How do you do this? It all depends on the sides you associate with it. Check out our 29 Meatloaf Sides for ideas – you’ll have a cozy meal on your table in no time.

First, you need a good meatloaf recipe. Maybe you already have one with your family (lucky one!), but we’ve got you if you don’t. There’s something for everyone, like classics made with beef or turkey; creative variations like our Southern Meatloaf or Sriracha Meatloaf; innovative meatloaves made in our favorite appliances like our Instant Pot or air fryer; and even some for special diets, like our vegan or paleo meatloaves. Everyone in your life will feel the love when you serve them special bread.

Once you have your meatloaf in the oven, it’s time to think about those sides. We generally aim for a good mix of carbs and veggies, but sticking to one or the other also works. In terms of starchy options to round out your meal, you can’t go wrong with classic potatoes, but rice or pasta are also nice. Are you leaning towards the super potato? Try our potato rolls, our garlic mashed potatoes or our chili oil mashed potatoes. Want rice or pasta? Try our stovetop mac and cheese, mushroom risotto, Italian pasta salad or saffron rice. They are especially good if you are serving meatloaf to a large crowd.

When it comes to vegetables, the sky’s the limit – pretty much everything will go with meatloaf. We’ve included some of our favorites here, like our Creamed Spinach, Shredded Brussels Sprouts, or Bacon Butternut Squash, but really, try any of your favorites with your meatloaf.

Looking for more sides? Also discover our favorite sides for steak, chicken and ham.


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