7 easy recipes to make burgers at home


Burgers, for foodies, can be the perfect friends for crisis days, weekend dates, and weekday mood boosters. These can be stamped as one of the greatest comfort foods of the decade. German cuisine, which originated in Hamburg, has today become a staple meal in different parts of the world. With its growing popularity, wouldn’t it be nice to make our own burgers? We can give up ordering every now and then and settle for these easy recipes in our kitchen. Here’s a list to help you fix your next burger without too much hassle.

Here are 7 easy-to-make hamburger recipes at home

1. Chicken burger

The most popular burger of all time is at the top of our list. If we thought cooking a chicken burger was difficult, leave those fears behind. Chicken tikki sliced ​​between buttered buns is as easy to cook as it is to binge.

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2. Tofu burger

Tofus are also increasingly popular and it would be unfair to exclude them from our burgers. Mix tofu, nuts and vegetables to make a delicious patty for this burger.

Delicious burger to have

3. Juicy lamb burger

Red meat lovers can’t settle for anything less than a juicy lamb burger. The good news is, we can do it at home. Put lamb keema patties with lettuce and onions between the hamburger buns for this fun treat.


Make that juicy burger

4. Vegetable burger

Vegetable burgers can be a riot of flavor with a mix of green beans, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and spices. Patties are packed with nutrients and can be the perfect way to get kids devouring vegetables.


Easy-to-make burger

5. Chickpea burger

This high protein burger is another healthy choice for picky eaters. The crispy chickpea patties in these burgers are a delicious meal. Don’t forget to season them well.


Do it with your leftover vegetables

6.Idli Burger

Don’t know what to do with last day idlis? Just turn them into a burger topping. Also use the red and green chutney and add vegetables to enhance the flavors. It is the perfect way to satisfy hunger.

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7. Barbecue jackfruit slider pulled

While it seems unlikely to add jackfruit to burgers, the idea can turn into a good dish. This slider recipe is a vegetarian version of the pulled pork slider. Rest assured, this easy dish may surprise you with its delicious taste.

Make these delicious burgers and let us know how you liked them!


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