5 Festive Baking Recipes To Try At Home This Holiday Season


With people stuck at home this vacation due to provincial restrictions, some Saskatchewan bakers have tips for trying out baking recipes. CBC Saskatchewan has put together a list of stories and recipes to inspire you to get started in baking. And while you’re here why don’t you give it a try our Christmas cookie survey?

Regina baker Jodi Robson made a name for herself last year when she was a CBC finalist Great Canadian Pastry Show. Robson has been cooked in hearts across the country and has since tested new recipes.

She recently tested marshmallow making, she said, but also worked on the classics.

“My favorite recipe for baking stuff with the kids is an easy sugar cookie. Because the dough comes together so easily, they then have to do everything to roll it out, cut it and then decorate it,” said Robson.

“It’s a beautiful artistic process and there is a lot of creativity associated with it.”

Jodi Robson shared her sugar cookie recipe that she makes every year with her kids. (CBC Graphics)

Sharon McLaughlin of Swift Current shared her neighbor’s puff cake recipe. She said it was special because of a few choice ingredients.

“It’s the only one I’ve ever found that has a lot of marshmallows in it,” McLaughlin said. “That’s what makes it gooey, it’s really, really good.”

His neighbor uses Rodger’s golden syrup for a special flavor.

“Everyone loves it as much as I do. And it’s gooey,” she said. “You have to be careful not to boil it too much. You barely bring it to a boil and then you have this stuff or it gets too hard.”

CBC listener Sharon McLaughlin shared her favorite puffed wheat recipe that uses both mini marshmallows and Roger’s Golden Syrup. (CBC Graphics)

Renée Kohlman is a professional baker and author of two cookbooks.

Kohlman shared his caramel popcorn recipe. She said it was originally her mother’s and can also be found on page 262 of her cookbook. All the sweet things.

Renee Kohlman said her caramel popcorn was originally her mother’s. (CBC Graphics)

Dorothy Hewson from Langbank shared a special Norwegian dish that she cooks every year.

“I really do a lot of stuff for Christmas, but I’m part Norwegian,” she said. “Certainly a tradition for Christmas, much like a flat potato bread.”

Bluesky listener Dorothy Hewson shared her family’s recipe for Lesse, a Norwegian dish. She said it was a staple in her family. (CBC Graphics)

Finally, here is a whipped shortbread that is sure to create family memories. CBC producer Nichole Huck shared her family-friendly, generations-old recipe after making it with her kids at home.

CBC producer Nichole Huck shared a family recipe for whipped shortbread. (CBC GRAPHICS)

CBC producer Nichole Huck and her daughter try a family-friendly whipped shortbread recipe in true holiday spirit. (Nichole Huck / CBC)


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