30+ best cupcakes and spring cakes



When the sun finally rises, it’s time to party! And what could be better than with layer cakes and cupcakes that salute the richness of fresh fruits and vegetables? Shake off the winter doldrums and get inspired by our 43 cake and cupcake recipes to welcome spring.

From March to May, some of our favorite fruits and vegetables, like csprinkled, strawberries and pineapple are in season, so we take full advantage of them and bake them into everything. Tip: They ALL go great with cream cheese buttercream. We even have a few options to say goodbye to last winter fruits, like our Citrus Upside-Down Cake. Beautiful blood oranges and cara cara, you will be truly missed.

While winter is for stronger flavors like peppermint and eggnog, we like to think of spring as a time to lighten things up, so you’ll find more subtle flavors like pistachio and champagne among these recipes. . We’ve even made the cakes themselves lighter by removing egg yolks or gluten, like in our angel food cake or flourless chocolate cake (+ a version with swirled peanut butter, yum).

As the weather improves outside, we spend MUCH more time at barbecues and outdoor parties. While a layered cake is impressive, nothing beats convenience more than a cupcake at an outdoor get-together – no knife to slice? No problem when everyone has their own red velvet or cannoli cupcake. Check out some cupcake frosting tips here, hereand here.

For more spring inspiration, check out our lists of spring dinners and easy weeknight side dishes.


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