25 easy recipes with strawberry jam


These recipes with strawberry jam will help you unleash the full potential of the sweet condiment!

From pies and waffles to cakes and ice cream, every berry craving is covered.

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There are so many ways to use strawberry jam that go beyond spreading it on toast.

Homemade strawberry jam with fresh fruit

You can use it as a cake and cookie topping, donut and pie topping, or smoothie and ice cream mix. The possibilities are limitless.

So what’s stopping you from maxing out that jar of strawberry jam?

If that’s your lack of imagination, feel free to browse through these recipes!

This collection offers a wide range of strawberry flavored treats, such as cheesecakes, cocktails and much more!

There’s even a strawberry salsa recipe here.

Looking for a special berry breakfast or dessert? Let these recipes with strawberry jam help you.

Crumbly buttery shortbread cookies and sweet strawberry jam equals one hell of a delicious dessert!

From delicious strawberry jam to shortbread crust, these bars are absolutely addictive.

Don’t even try to resist them. All efforts will be in vain.

The traditional lasagna is awesome, but the dessert lasagna is just next level.

It has a crumbly graham cracker crust, smooth cheesecake filling, and a mix of fresh and jammy strawberries.

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It may seem like a lot of work considering it has so many components, but no!

This lasagna is so easy, you won’t even have to cook it at all!

The only “cooking” you will do is microwave the strawberry jam to make it easily spreadable.

If you’re a little too bored with the same oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, get your hands on Fingerprint Cookies.

These are shortbread cookies with a center of strawberry jam. How can you say no to that?

You’ll love how the combination of sweet, tart, and buttery flavors keeps the dessert from being too sweet.

The flavors are excellent, but so are the textures! The cookies are so crumbly that they melt in your mouth.

Plus, they get a nice crunchy contrast from the sugar sprinkled on top.

If you need a dessert that will feed (and impress) a crowd, the search is over!

This strawberry cake is exactly what you are looking for.

It has strawberry cake at its base, strawberry cream cheese frosting in the middle, and fresh strawberries on top.

This dessert is undeniably strawberry.

While other recipes use fresh or frozen strawberries to make a sheet cake, this one calls for strawberry jam.

It has just the right amount of softness and consistency.

Here’s another strawberry cake recipe you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

It is a round vanilla cake filled and frosted with a silky smooth buttercream.

While the base of the cake is flavored with vanilla bean, the main flavor profile here is definitely strawberry.

Here’s why.

The buttercream frosting is infused with strawberry jam. The whole cake is also topped with fresh strawberries and jam.

This is the perfect gift for a strawberry lover’s birthday!

Want some strawberry sandwich cookies? Ditch the Jammie Dodgers and create your own!

This popular British snack consists of shortbread biscuits filled with strawberry jam. They are delicious and very easy to make.

These cookie sandwiches are made extra special with a dusting of powdered sugar.

It’s a simple garnish, but it makes a huge difference, especially in the presentation department.

These strawberry cupcakes are super pretty in pink! They’re almost too adorable to eat, but it would be a shame not to.

For this recipe, you will add strawberry jam to the cupcake batter itself.

This way you taste the tart strawberry goodness in the actual cupcakes, not just the frosting.

You have the freedom to use whatever cupcake frosting you like. I highly recommend the cream cheese buttercream!

If you’ve been baking cakes for a while and think you deserve a challenge, why not try making a strawberry pie?

For this recipe, you will be making the dough from scratch. Although it’s a bit more complicated than mixing the dough, it’s not difficult at all.

Plus, after all your hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a smelly, mouth-watering pie!

Craving ice cream, but also trying to cut down on sweets? These popsicles are just what you’ll need.

These popsicles are made from a mixture of Greek yogurt and strawberry jam. Just two ingredients and you’re done!

The only hard part is waiting for the popsicles to freeze.

This next recipe brings two desserts together and turns them into one phenomenal treat.

Cheesecake and strawberry pie equal sweet tooth heaven!

Here’s how it goes: a puff pastry crust in the bottom, a silky smooth cream cheese filling in the middle, and sweet and sour strawberries on top.

Filled with peanut butter cheesecake and strawberry jam, these oatmeal crumble bars will become your breakfast favorite.

If you love PB&J but want it on something other than a sandwich, this recipe has your name.

Imagine starting your day with these chewy, gooey treats!

Want cake but can’t cook? This strawberry ice cream cake recipe is the solution.

With layers of moist cake, strawberry whipped cream and fresh strawberries, this cake is the ultimate summer dessert.

No one wants to spend hours in a kitchen on a hot summer day! Fortunately, this cake does not require any baking.

These thumbprint cookies are buttery, crumbly, and melt in your mouth!

The cookies themselves are already epic.

But it’s not a thumbprint cookie without the thumbprint indentation and the center of the jam.

Completing the look, taste and texture of these cookies is none other than sweet strawberry jam. Mmm.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet cocktail for brunch or a relaxing drink to end your weekend, this recipe is calling you.

Traditional gin and tonic is rather bitter. If you like it sweet, a little strawberry jam will do the trick.

Just mix gin, tonic water and strawberry jam, and you’re done.

Want some cheesecake, but you don’t have many people to share an entire cake with? That’s where these individual cheesecakes come in.

This recipe makes a gorgeous trifle that tastes like cheesecake.

It has layers of ladyfingers, a white chocolate cream cheese filling and a delicious strawberry filling.

Just make the layers, store them in the fridge, and make a glass of cheesecake next time you feel like it!

Gone are the days when you needed an ice cream maker to make ice cream.

Thanks to recipes like this, you can make ice cream anytime, any day without any special equipment.

And beware, the finished product of this recipe is not at all mediocre!

You’ll love this Strawberry Jam Ice Cream so much you’ll make it over and over again.

These Homemade Jelly Donuts will be a hit with everyone you know!

This recipe is very special not only because of the strawberry filling, but also because it uses the same manufacturing method. sufganiyot.

These are Jewish donuts with a richer, more buttery flavor.

They’re not only more delicious than regular donuts; they also stay wet for days.

Have you ever wondered what peanut butter and jelly ice cream would look like? Wonder no more!

This ice cream is smooth, creamy and deliciously divine.

It combines sweet, salty, and nutty peanut butter and sweet strawberry jam for incredible flavor.

Where most overnight oatmeal recipes use chocolate, vanilla, and bananas for flavor, this one is a little different.

Oats PB&J, anyone?

This recipe features oats, fresh strawberries, and chia seeds soaked in milk, maple syrup, and strawberry PB&J.

A healthy breakfast has never tasted so good.

I know I’ve featured several shortbread cookies in this collection before. But I can’t resist adding this one too.

Look at these adorable heart-shaped treats covered in dusty pink icing!

I have never seen cookies more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than these.

Cinnamon buns, but make them strawberries!

With a soft bread base, sweet strawberry filling, and silky smooth cream cheese frosting, these buns will be gone in minutes.

These pies are as delicious as they are adorable.

They are made with a flaky shell, a sweet strawberry filling and a heart-shaped crust.

These bite-sized pies are the most poppable teatime treat!

Looking for a breakfast dish that even the pickiest eaters will devour? You can’t go wrong with these waffles.

After all, who can say no to strawberry and chocolate? This duo never disappoints!

Mix strawberries, milk and strawberry jam, and what do you get? A hearty, healthy and succulent smoothie, what is it!

If you’re hungry but don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, this easy recipe is here to save the day.

Let’s end this list with something other than dessert, for a change.

This fruit salsa is a combination of strawberries, peaches, mango, and kiwi, and it’s amazing!

Serve it with baked cinnamon tortilla chips for a fun twist on the classic Tex-Mex dish.

Recipes With Strawberry Jam

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