25+ Best Passover Desserts – Easy Flourless Kosher Recipes for Passover Desserts



Celebrate Passover (or Passover) is ALL about tradition. Whether you’ve celebrated your whole life or are new to the Jewish holiday, there are long-established menu items you must have at your Seder table. Where it starts to get complicated is what to serve for dessert! With restrictions and guidelines came some of our favorite creativity shows, and the same is true for these dessert recipes. Discover our 30 Passover desserts to inspire you for your sweets after the Seder.

If you are unfamiliar, the term “Passover” refers to the biblical accounts of the 10 plagues sent by God to convince the Egyptian pharaoh to “let the Jewish people go”, and the eventual exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. According to the story, they packed their bags in such a hurry that they didn’t even have time to let their bread rise (if you’ve ever made homemade bread, you can imagine), and couldn’t bring only unleavened cookies. like bread called matzah with them. To celebrate this exodus, the Jewish people today continue to withdraw chametz of their diet (and their home, for some strict households) for the duration of Passover, as well as ensuring that all other ingredients they use are specified kosher for Passover. Simply, chametz is basically any flour product like bread, cereal, cakes, cookies, pasta, etc. Additionally, they must continue to follow general kosher rules (meat and dairy products cannot be eaten in the same meal, although fish and eggs are considered, or else pareve; no pork products; etc.) It’s not too difficult to manage when it comes to mains and sides, but dessert can be a whole different story.

Here we’ve included some fun dessert ideas to make with matzo (caramel! Frosted cake!), as well as other traditional Passover desserts, like coconut macaroons and meringues. We also have a flourless chocolate cake, plus a peanut butter version (if you allow kitniyot, or legumes, during Passover) and a salted chocolate coconut version. They’re so good you’ll want to make them all year round.

You’ll notice that a number of the desserts we’ve included are vegan, like our vegan cheesecake or our coconut ice cream. Because they don’t contain real milk, you’re free to eat them even after a meat-rich dinner. You won’t even miss the dairy, we promise!

This time of year, we love making extra treats to share with our friends and families. Everyone loves being gifted cookies, like our Nut Snowballs or Snickerdoodle Shortbread Cookies, or barks, like our Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bark or Almond Caramel. Just keep in mind how strictly your gift recipient follows Passover guidelines. When in doubt, buy kosher ingredients for Passover.

If baking seems too stressful for you, also check out our list of our favorite store-bought Passover desserts.


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