21 Halloween Baking Recipes for This Year’s Spooktacular Bash


The holidays are always thriving with celebrations – but no holiday party can beat a real Halloween party. Whether you’re playing hostess or arriving as a guest, the pressure is on to impress the other girls and ghouls with a fun Halloween costume, spiked Halloween drinks and sweet Halloween treats and salted. When it comes to the latter, anybody can resist adorably spooky (or downright gory) baked treats. So grab your apron and stock up on flour and sugar, because you’re going to have a real spooky time choosing which of these 21 baked Halloween treats to make.

1. Ouija Board Cookies: These cookies are a perfect way to scare away any friends who have an aversion to the particularly threatening Ouija board. Go ahead and contact cookies on the “other side”, because more cookies are never a bad thing. (via The Sweet and Simple Life)

2. Molten Witch Cookies: Inspired by the Wicked Witch of the West, these adorable sugar cookies are perfect for that much anticipated Halloween party or Wizard of Oz movie night. The tasty balance of sweet and salty will have you melting in a puddle of goo yourself. (via Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

3. Halloween Monster Cake Pops: Food on a stick is awesome. This is why children and adults to like cake pops. These adorable one-eyed monsters are a perfect way to spruce up a candy table and wow your friends on scare night. (via Oh Sweet Day)

4. Spooky Shattered Glass Cupcakes: Don’t worry about possible razor blades in your apples; there’s broken glass in your cupcake! This amazing yet spooky treat is perfect for Halloween parties for adults and children. Just be sure to grab a towel and don’t eat them near the mat. (via Easy Baked)

5. Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake: Despite being an admittedly high-maintenance cake, it’s so worth the time and effort once you see (and can). show) the final result. Your friends and family are guaranteed to be floored by all the dripping chocolate, oozing caramel and candied apples. (via Half-Baked Harvest)

6. Mini Spider Pizzas: No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, it’s not a party until the pizza is out. These creepy little za’s are full of sassy, ​​nerdy goodness. Pro tip: Use black olives to create a spider effect. (via Recipe Runner)

7. Halloween Candy Corn Bark: When you can’t decide what snack you want to indulge in, this bark has it all. This recipe welcomes the addition of good old classic candy corn to its already sweet and salty mix. It is impossible to resist. (via Sugar Coated Cottage)

8. Halloween Tear-Away Bread: This ghostly tear-away bread is sure to ignite your Halloween spirit. Get creative and decorate these yummy buns with your own spooky designs. Cobwebs, bats, pumpkin faces; the possibilities are limitless ! (via Chopstick Chronicles)

10. Halloween Monster Cookies: With food coloring, frosting, and a fun collection of candies, you can turn ordinary sugar cookies into a grumpy bunch of angry horrors. This one is great to do with the kids – or on its own with a glass of mulled wine. We will not judge. (via Gathering Beauty)

12. Candy Corn Cookies: Halloween is full of tricks and treats, and with these cookies, you get the best of both. You’re tricked into thinking you’re grabbing a handful of deliciously sweet candy corn, but in reality you’re getting a mouthful of delicious sugar cookies. (via A Sue Chef)

13. Bloody Bones: GOOD appetite! Dipping cheese-stuffed pizza dough in tangy tomato sauce has never been so much fun. People will ignore cute ghost cupcakes in an effort to shoot down more. (via All The Nooks and Crannies)

14. Red Velvet Skull Cakes: These gorgeous mini cakes involve some pretty intricate frosting work, but the wow factor can’t be matched. You’ll impress even the most dedicated bakers with these menacing treats. (via Shore Society)

15. Mummy Cookies: These mummy cookies are incredibly *delicious* cookies. The flaky, savory crust pairs perfectly with the rich pumpkin puree filling. Pack them up for your kids to take to school so they can impress their friends – or bring them to work and excite your colleagues. (via Dear Kitchen)

16. Paleo Witch Finger Cookies: You won’t be able to get rid of those creepy, twisted cookie fingers. It’s the perfect snack to slip into your kids’ lunch to give them an unexpected thrill. (via Food Faith Fitness)

17. Spiderweb Cake: This moist and rich dark cocoa cake with orange buttercream is the only Halloween cake you need this year. White buttercream is the intricate cobweb effect. We hope you have a steady hand… (via Liv for Cake)

18. Monster Cupcakes: Bring Halloween joy (and fear) into your home with these spooky cupcakes. Let your quirky imagination run wild with colorful icing and candy eyes. Decorating them is fun, but eating them is the best part. (via Life With The Crust Cut)

19. Eyeball Cake Pops: Is there anything more horrible and annoying than having sharp things near your eyes? This snack is a nightmare come true, but we guarantee it’s delicious. Just stick a fork in there and get over it. (via Bakerella)

20. Brain Cupcakes: Braaaaains! This one is sure to please Halloween fanatics and Walking Dead nuts the same. If you like being on the fence about “That’s disgusting!” and “Mmmm, cupcakes!”, these weird treats are for you. (via The Sweet and Simple Life)

21. Red Velvet Halloween Trifle: If you’re going above the usual Halloween party and throwing a real dinner party, this red velvet trifle is the way to go. Have your guests dig their spoons into this monster mash madness. (via 88 Food)

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