17 Best Breakfast Wraps (+ Easy Recipes)


These breakfast wrap are the perfect meal to go!

They’re perfect for busy mornings when you need something quick and satisfying. Moreover, you can adapt them to your liking.

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Salty or sweet, you can turn your favorite breakfast into an epic wrap.

Homemade burrito wraps with beef, vegetables and corn

Fancy a fluffy omelet? Throw it in a wrap. Fancy a burrito for breakfast? Load a tortilla with your favorite combo.

Jonesing for French toast? Yes, you can turn that into a wrap too!

Not only are they great in the morning, but you can freeze them for later. They are therefore excellent for meal preparation too.

High in protein and delicious, start your day off right with one of these breakfast wraps.

Have you ever had this TikTok wrap? There’s a reason it became a sensation, it’s amazing!

You take a flour tortilla and cut it into four quadrants. Each includes eggs, bacon, mash Lawyeror cheese.

Then fold it and fry it!

It’s like a cross between a wrap and a quesadilla filled with breakfast inside.

Omelets may not be ideal for eating on the go. But these omelet wraps sure are!

You cook the eggs as usual, then lay a tortilla on top. Give it a spin and roll it all up.

As for the fixings, this one is a tasty mix of bacon, mushrooms and spinach. To make it vegetarian, just omit the meat.

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These nutritious wraps are good and good for you!

Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals. Feta adds bite and contains extra protein.

Of course, it wouldn’t be breakfast without fluffy eggs!

You can prepare them a few days in advance. So you can have one ready to go for Monday morning.

In search of a easy egg recipe? You can’t go wrong with a combo like bacon and eggs.

These no-frills wraps skip all the frilly ingredients and stick to the classics.

Between eggs and bacon, what more could you ask for?

Alright, I guess you need some tortillas and some cooking oil.

But other than that, these four ingredients are all it takes to make a delicious, easy wrap.

Do you prefer your pork in the form of ham? Opt for this envelope instead.

Egg, meaty and cheese, it’s the perfect trio of breakfast flavors.

It also sneaks into some vegetables like peppers and mushrooms.

So you get a well-balanced meal that you can take with you.

Swinging at the taco shop for breakfast might not be on the cards every morning. But these Mexican breakfast burritos of course!

Inside the flour tortilla, you’ll find Mexican chorizo, soft eggs, green chilies, black beans, and shredded cheese.

You can skip the chorizo ​​for a vegetarian version or pile it on for a meat lover’s dream.

The only thing missing now is a spoonful of salsa and your favorite homemade hot sauce.

Not just for breakfast, these Southwestern wraps are also perfect for a quick lunch and dinner.

They are very easy to freeze, so you can take them out when you need them.

As for the bindings, each one is full of Turkey baconeggs, cheese and cilantro.

For the southwest touch, there are also black beans and bell peppers.

If hungry, reheat it in the microwave or grill it on convection oven. Both work very well.

I could eat these wraps any day of the week and never get tired of them.

They are the very definition of nutritious and delicious!

You get fluffy eggs for protein, spinach for nutrients, red onion for antioxidants, and a whole wheat tortilla for carbs.

There are also sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese for more flavor.

These are the perfect wraps, and you only need 10 minutes to make them.

Meat eaters will unite around this breakfast wrap.

breakfast is heavy sausage and scrambled eggs. Melting the two is slimy cheddar cheese.

Do yourself a favor and cook it all in butter. This burrito bomb is not one to skimp on flavor.

Want a pretty special breakfast wrap for brunch? Here is one that will delight all your friends.

It’s a breakfast mix between a breakfast burrito and a smoked salmon bagel.

Spread cream cheese on a tortilla. Then you stuff the spinach, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, red onion and smoked salmon on the inside.

Capers are optional, but at home, they are essential!

Another Sunday brunch everyone will love is these Cheesy Egg Delights.

They are brimming with cheese, eggs, bacon, peppers and onions. For a little spice, add a jalapeno.

You can also make them with sausages if you like.

Fruit and granola wraps might seem a bit strange. But don’t hit it until you’ve tried it!

It’s much easier to eat than a bowl of granola and it has everything you love.

There are fresh peaches, strawberries, bananas and even raspberries inside.

Sweeten things up with honey and brush it on Cream cheese. So dig in, my friends!

You can even turn French toast into a sweet wrap in the morning!

You dip a whole wheat tortilla in your egg batter instead of bread. Then fill it to the brim with yogurt, fruit and jam.

I think one last dusting Granulated sugar is in order. Not you ?

Kick your breakfast up a notch by adding avocado and prosciutto.

The combination of creamy fruit and salty meat is delicious, especially when paired with fluffy scrambled eggs!

They’re ready in 20 minutes and have plenty of fuel to keep you going all morning.

These loaded breakfast burritos are epic!

They combine all the best breakfast ingredients into one tortilla. This includes eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and two types of meat.

I know what you’re thinking, and the potatoes? They are included in the form of tater tots!

Make a few batches and freeze them for later. Family will be all about these.

Easy is definitely the name of the game with these egg wraps.

They ditch the tortilla for the eggs. They only take a few minutes to cook and you can fill them with all kinds of amazing combinations.

Load them up with veggies or pile them on cheese. Just keep in mind that they are a bit more fragile. So don’t get too carried away.

Are you on the keto diet? No problem!

You can always have a breakfast wrap without the high carb tortilla by using eggs instead.

They’re not only high in protein, but they’re also gluten-free.

The trick is to completely cover the bottom of a pan with eggs. So you may need to adjust the amount depending on the size of the pan.

They also cook very quickly. So don’t turn your back!

Breakfast wraps

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