15 Best Weekend Baking Recipes


What makes for a good weekend bake?

Weekend baking means quiet time in the kitchen. Turn on the radio, make a cup of tea or coffee, and choose a baking recipe that you wouldn’t have time to try during the week. Lazy weekends are the perfect opportunity to stretch your baking skills by trying a bread, pastry or cake recipe with new methods and techniques.

Bake a fresh, golden loaf to serve your friends with lunch, frost a layer cake for a birthday dinner, or bake cookies and loaf cakes for the pan, ready to see you through a busy week. This is cooking at its most rewarding and relaxing.

Our best baking recipes of the weekend

Chocolate bread

Edd Kimber shows you how to make pain au chocolat from scratch in his step-by-step recipe. Patience is a virtue – due to the fermentation time, you’ll have to wait two days to eat the golden, flaky pastries, but these beauties are worth the wait. Why not save this recipe for a holiday weekend and start the dough on a Saturday morning?

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Malt bread with homemade butter

Malt bread and curling up with a cup of tea and a book go hand in hand. Our rich, sticky malt bread lasts for days in an airtight box, so try making a weekend loaf to slice it for lunchboxes and screen breaks in the week. Bonus points if you also fall for the homemade butter recipe.

malt bread

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Jamie Oliver’s Garlic Bread

There are garlic bread recipes that involve spreading butter and garlic on a purchased baguette…this is not one of those recipes. Jamie’s Tear-Away Garlic Bread needs a good rise, before being spread with a lemony garlic cream cheese mixture and baking. Celestial.

Garlic bread

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Russian honey biscuit

This beautiful layered cake is definitely not one to whip up in a jiffy before work. Traditional Russian cake has multiple layers of cookies sandwiched with cream…assemble at least 6 hours before serving to allow the layers to soften enough to slice. Start it on a Friday night or Saturday morning.

Russian cookie

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Vegan Chocolate Hobnob Cookies

We are going to share with you a dangerous knowledge: how to make your own hobnobs. These plant-based baked goods are a perfect project to try on a rainy weekend.


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Easy Homemade Bagels

Bake David Atherton’s perfectly moist bagels on a Saturday to give them plenty of time for a Sunday brunch with smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickles and lots of coffee.


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Strawberry pastry creams

A nice summer pastry project. Make your own custards from scratch, then fill them with gorgeous strawberry vanilla buttercream. Perfect for afternoon tea in the garden.

Pastry creams

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Kougin amann

Fancy a technical challenge? Making the pastry classic Kougin amann will give your cooking skills a good workout. Your reward for all that kneading and rolling dough work? Golden and seriously buttery pastries.


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Sticky Apple Pecan Gingerbread Cake

Weekend baking doesn’t have to be difficult. Fill the house with the scents of apple, ginger and cinnamon with this simple bread cake recipe. This is one of those pastries whose flavor gets better with time. Make it on a Sunday and it will last all week in the box (not that it will last that long!).

bread cake

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Savory babka bread

This tasty babka bread is a great side dish for a weekend lunch with friends. Its rich filling of truffle pesto, herbs and ricotta makes it a good partner for roast chicken, cheeses or charcuterie.


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Cheesecake Brownies

Swap out your favorite brownie recipe for a fancier one. Swirl creamy cheesecake mixture into these rich brownies. The dough is also sprinkled with cookie pieces so you get the best bits of cheesecake and brownies in one bite.

Cheesecake Brownies

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Gail’s Bakery Cinnamon Rolls

Gail’s Bakery’s golden, flaky cinnamon rolls are a weekend staple. Try making your own with our step-by-step bakery recipe. This is definitely Project Bake territory, but the results are definitely worth it (as is the cinnamon flavor).

Gail's Cinnamon Buns

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David Atherton’s Braided Bread

There is something meditative about braiding the strands of bread. David Atherton’s Kozunak Braid is an enriched sweet bread from Bulgaria, similar to challah. Serve with a thick layer of butter and a pot of strong coffee.

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Cinnamon Apple Crumble Cake

Combine pudding and cake into one for comfortable weekend baking. This buttery cake has apple slices folded into the batter, and more apple slices and a scattering of crumble mix on top.

Apple crumble cake

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Chewy Coconut Biscuits (Anzac Biscuits)

If you feel like baking on the weekend with the kids, cookies are a great simple choice. These Anzac biscuits (an Australian classic) are filled with oats and coconut. Snuggle up on the sofa with storybooks and a plate of fresh Anzac biscuits.


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What is your favorite pastry recipe? Discover hundreds of other classic bread, cookie and cake recipes.


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