10 easy recipes with string cheese


If you’re like me, you think of string cheese as stringy, individually wrapped cheese snacks. You probably don’t know a lot of recipes with string cheese.

Fortunately, there are a few. It seems each one is cheesier and tastier than the last.

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So if you want to try something new with your string cheese, you’ve come to the right place.

Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks with ketchup

This list includes everything from mozzarella sticks to pasta salad. There are also recipes for meatball sliders and pizza bombs!

So sit back and check out these recipes with string cheese. Who knows? You might find a new favorite.

Never buy inferior quality frozen cheese sticks again.

This recipe will let you make your own, and they taste so much better. They aren’t difficult to make either.

You will start with string cheese snacks. Then you bread them and fry them. (Baking them in the oven is also an option.)

They’re crunchy and flavorful on the outside and full of stringy, gooey mozzarella.

Serve them with a side of marinara and call it a day. They will fly off the plate.

Here is another similar recipe for mozzarella sticks made with string cheese.

However, you use crushed Doritos instead of breadcrumbs for the breading.

Honestly, I think these are even better. That way, they’re corny on the outside and inside.

(These are a little higher in calories than the others, though, so there’s a trade-off.)

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These miniature sandwiches are small but hearty. Enjoy one or two of them, and you will be full and satisfied.

The meatballs are juicy and grassy. The gooey, nerdy center is what really sets them apart, though.

You bite into the gravy meatball expecting, well, a meatball.

You get that, sure, but the cheese filling means you get so much more. They are so good you could eat them on their own.

Not that sliders aren’t awesome, they are.

However, meatballs also make great appetizers.

Are you on the keto diet but craving cheese sticks? No problem! Wrap your string cheese in prosciutto instead of breading it.

They are not as crispy on the outside. However, they are salty, cheesy, and totally delicious. You won’t even miss the breading.

Step up your homemade pizza game by adding a stuffed crust. It’s incredibly simple to do.

All you do is fold string cheese into the crust.

Then prepare your pizza as you normally would.

Are you a fan of Bagel Bites or Pizza Rolls? If so, skillet pizza bombs are about to become your new favorite thing.

You’ll fill each of these miniature bites with all of your favorite pizza ingredients.

There’s cheese, peppers, onions, herbs and pizza sauce. You can even add diced ham or pepperoni if ​​you like.

These make the perfect appetizer, and they’re vegetarian when using this recipe.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like cold pasta salad in the summer.

Liven up yours a bit by adding some string cheese and tons of fresh veggies.

This makes for a cool, refreshing and tangy treat.

In addition, this recipe is ideal if you need a dish prepared in advance. After all, doing it the night before only makes it better.

Prepare it the day before an event and let it cool in the fridge.

The next day, all the different flavors will have had time to absorb. Each bite will be an explosion of flavors for your taste buds.

Want to make a delicious and decadent meal for the family without all the hard work? This string cheese manicotti is just the thing.

For this recipe, you replace the cheese sticks with traditional ricotta. It makes the process of preparing manicotti so much easier.

Plus, if you have kids at home, they probably prefer mozzarella over ricotta, anyway.

Oh, and one more thing. With just 10 ingredients, you can whip up this hearty dinner in 40 minutes. It’s hard to beat.

This isn’t a list of Halloween-themed recipes, but you know me. I can never pass up an opportunity to include Halloween foods in something.

These adorable mummies are stunning. They are garlicky, cheesy and utterly delicious. Plus, they look like little mummies!

Fortunately, they taste good. And I love their little olive eyes. Too cute!

They might be the most delicious, gooey, cheesiest things you’ll ever eat. They look like mozzarella sticks.

However, these have softer exteriors, more like garlic bread than breadcrumbs.

They are also incredibly tasty. You make them with pesto, so every bite is a bite of tangy, herbal goodness.

They are also buttery and melt in your mouth amazing. Plus, you make them with premade cookie dough.

This reduces the cooking time to just 35 minutes.

They’re easy, delicious, and sure to be a hit at any gathering. What’s not to like?

Recipes with string cheese

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